Looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Living in 21st century has its own set of advantages. Though the human rights situation across the globe is different in every other region, fact is that everywhere human rights are getting better and better every passing day. Having said so, there are still few countries that are way below the level of implementation ofhuman rights recommended and needed. In developed and many developing countries now we see claims being filed for injuries that are caused by negligence of governments, corporations or individuals. A friend of mine got a claim because of a road accident when he was contacted by Chicago personal injury lawyer.

This is amazing how these law firms keep an eye on these incidents and help people who don’t even know that they can get compensations of their injuries either physical in nature or psychological and emotional with the help of Chicago personal injury lawyer.


Since the incident with the friend, I researched a bit on the law and rules of personal injury lawyer in state of Texaswith Texas injury lawyeror Atlanta injury lawyer. This article will be covering the summary of the information I came across during my research. As a member of the society I believe it is our duty to share the knowledge that we come across.

Summarizing and putting one’s research in words for others to read is a positive way to spread awareness among masses. So, here are few of the points that might help you in deciding if you need to contact a personal injury lawyer.


Time Limitation


According to law and regulations there is a time limit to file a suit for compensation in state of Texas. This time limit varies according to the nature of incident that is to be compensated for. Generally there is a time limit of two years from the date of the incident to file a suit. If for some reason like lack of knowledge, one fails to do so, then the courts might not hear the case at all. Few of the common injury cases that fall under this category are:

  • Slipping
  • Dog bites
  • Hospital Treatment
  • Car Accidents
  • Negligence of others causing incident


Fault Sharing


It is important that your lawyer identifies if you are to blame of the incident that you are filing compensation for. Even if the blame share goes to 50%, you might end getting nothing at all. This can be a quite a loss if you and the lawyer have been negligent to identify the blame share factor.


Dog Bite Compensation Claim


You might have heard about the one bite rule. In the past it used to be a different but now if the lawyer proves in court that the owner of the dog should have known about their dog being dangerous, the owner would be held responsible and will be liable to pay for the claim.

Limit of Claims in Texas& Atlanta


State of Texas has put a cap on the amount that can be claimed for different incidents. That amount is now US$ 1.9 million to be exact. It will be quite complicated to go in details since it all depends upon the type of suffering and the damages incurred because of the incident.

However, Texas injury lawyeror Atlanta injury lawyerthat I have come across are very professional in terms of maximizing one’s claim. It all comes down to the lawyers that will prove your points in terms of suffering, either physical or psychological. More details in site: http://www.justicesusanowens.com/when-finding-the-right-lawyer-seems-daunting-crowdsource-one/